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Commissions are OPEN!

If you are ONLY ordering digital commissions,
at check-out please select the option:
The default is "Priority Shipping" so please check the other shipping options to find this option.
You must select this at checkout for no charge on shipping!

You may add more than one commission to a single order. Just increase the quantity or add more items to your cart before checking out.

You don't need characters or a description at check-out. Leave me a note in your description that your descriptions will be coming later on. You should email about your commission info within 3 weeks after purchase date. Otherwise, you commission may be cancelled and your money refunded to you.

Frame add-ons are currently sold out.

Limited quantities available!
Estimated 1-6 weeks completion from purchase date.
Val Hocberg

Open Commissions

Estimated Art Completion Date: 1-6 Weeks from Purchase Date

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